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The official EA streams and escort events of the FIFA scene have always struggled with expandable spectators. The developer took a measure in FIFA 21, which has been in other titles for years and is: in-game-rewards for tracking the shows, the FIFA Global Series (FGS) in particular. As a reward, EA Sports presented so-called swap tokens.

This innovation from the past offshoot seems to have paid off, in FIFA 22, the FGS swap tokens will celebrate your comeback. For at least 60 minutes, the selected events of the Global Series must be tracked to earn a unit of virtual currency. This is then exchanged for pack rewards via a squad building challenge (SBC).

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The big difference to FIFA 21 is in the release: While several released loops occurred in the past season, all SBCs are available in FIFA 22. Four team-building challenges have been published on Monday night, one to four FGS swap tokens must be compiled for the respective rewards – or more viewed.

The rewards extend from a premium gold pack to the jumbo rare player pack. The bonuses are getting better, the longer the fans the events are pursuing – a clear indication that EA Sports is primarily about marketing the eSport. Four tokens are needed for the most demanding SBC, 25 were released overall. The team construction challenges are repeatable, thus the action becomes even more attractive.

The first token – or possibly several – will probably give it to the FGS 22 Challenge on October 21st. At the latest on Thursday so the last smaller questions about the exchange program in FIFA 22 are clarified.

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