New TMORPG on Steam makes a lot different is already the game of the year for some now

The unusual online role-playing game Book of Travels has appeared a week ago in the Steam-Early-Access, after moving in August. The developers call it as a TMORPG and go in many ways completely different ways as Genre representatives.

What is a TMORPG? The term TMORPG means as much as Tiny Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game , is the opposite of a MMORPG. There is the first M for massive , so great.

In the case of Book of Travels is the Tiny , ie: tiny, but program. Just seven players are on a server on the way. This is not a technical limitation, but a key component of the game concept.

After a shift, Book of Travels has now appeared on Steam and comes well there, or just because of the new concept.

Book of Travels literally goes new ways – what does it offer?

It s how it happens: In Book of Travels, your journey begins with the classic creation of your character. His personal development is at the center of your upcoming journey. You also choose your starting point in the game world, but from here, the game will not help you.

Book of Travels do not take the hand and are literally requiring their quest, game world and mechanics themselves discovered. You should always hold your note and pen ready, because a quest log or a diary is not available. For some players that was already fatal: they have accepted several quests without knowing about the missing log (via

There are in Book of Travels missions that force you to interact with other players. You can talk to them but do not, there are gestures with which you communicate. Due to the limitation of seven players per server and the gigantic game world, it becomes more peripheral to find a partner for a two-player mission, says the community.

But the less likely to meet her on player, the more special it is when it happens. This is reminiscent of a modern classic: In Journey, you are experiencing the entire adventure alone, but happens to fellow companions that make the beautiful, but lifeless world something more hopeful.

What is the goal in Book of Travels? The only destination and at the same time the only limit to you Book of Travels is the game world itself. As already mentioned, the very large and offers many different biomes, cities at the same time , Villages and sights.

Your goal is simply to travel this world, which can already claim a good 20 hours and more in the early access phase. In the future, further chapters will appear with even more quests, expanding the world and LOR.

Great flair, many bugs: Showing the first reviews of Book of Travels

Shortly after the start of Book of Travels, most reviews fell negative. Meanwhile, the relationship between positive and negative reviews has vice versa and the Steam reviews are mostly positive with Via Steam).

This is criticized: One of the biggest criticisms, especially at start, were bugs. The game is still unfinished, criticize the players, and the bugs should sometimes even cause memory files to break. This makes the entire invested time gone.

Book of Travels also use a day-night cycle that occurs in real time. That s annoying, as some events are dependent on time. The user Cwispeydut gives a slightly longer opinion on the game:

I can not recommend anyone anyone. It suffers from many bugs and questing is too simple and unfinished. The first mission sends you only to some larger locations, the following quests are NPCs are all interchangeable.


The player s praise: To the biggest pluses that perform the players are the optics and gameplay. The picturesque graphic reminds with her right-owned style of paintings, which the players can explore directly.

The game itself clearly spot the players, exploring what you want to play. There is no prefabricated story, but you are writing yourself almost yourself – or just together with others. Struggles are not so much in the foreground, exploring and exploring would be much more important goals.

The user NeilSeck praises:

Book of Travels offers a relaxed RPG experience with beautiful landscapes in a special style style. It does not forces the player to get a story, you writes your own story – in theory. Book of Travels is located in the Early Access and also has many bugs accordingly.

NeilSeck via Steam

Since Book of Travels is still in the Early Access and it is an indie title, some development should always be considered in the reviews. However, the devs seem to send hard-working bugfixes and patches, which helped the game quickly get better reviews. What do you think? Would you like to play Book of Travels? Fascinates the artstyle and the gameplay or is that all for you?

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