LOL Showmaker is happy that the global chat disappears from the game

Last Decision Riot Games to disable Global chat has raised more than one ampoule in a large part of League of Legends players, even with some of the workers of the American developer itself to be against this decision. But not everyone will be angry, since Showmaker , one of the best players in the world currently has been very happy of this initiative in the most famous mob.

Through an Inven global interview at midlaner Korean, Showmaker showed his happiness about this decision, since he says that there will be no one who bothers him in the European Soloq: I think getting rid of the global chat has been a great idea. Too many people harassing me , so I will improve my experience in the European server. Along with this, he has added examples of how people were bothering him in the qualifying of the old continent: There are too many to count; every time an enemy kills me, people start mock me at the Global Chat ; He comments between laughter. The whole server is trying to kill me in Soloq, and I am doing everything possible to overcome all the trolling that I am receiving .

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Recall that Showmaker is going through a hell called European qualifiers and has taken it down the street of bitterness a few times. But it is not only him, but other players of the World Cup have also suffered the jokes and troleos that can be seen in Europe, as an average teem or a Sona AP with dark harvest. We will check in the future games of the new patch if the insults and hesitated of the global chat cease to affect and increase exponentially of posts in the ladder european so that he can face only and only against the best and healthier server players .

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