Diablo 2 RESURRECTED Blizzards Seehear Long Statement for Server

So well the new edition of Diablo 2 has become so very nerves the technical problems that resurrected has since the launch. And because these problems continue to be a topic three weeks after the publication, now community manager Pezradar has turned to the community with the (roughly valued) longest Blue Post in this millennium. In detail, he describes what the problem is what the developers have done and what they are still doing. We have summarized the most important thing below:

There is a global database for D2R in which all character information and progress is stored. This information comes from the regional databases for EU, US and so on, on which the characters and their progress are posted first. There are also fuses of the global database if they should fail.
Most recently, the technical issues had increased. It started on 09 October, because at this point, the developers suddenly set an increase in traffic, which went far beyond what the servers had to accomplish the launch. The situation was worsened by the update that had gone live the day before. This should actually improve performance around the creation of games. In combination with the increased traffic, however, the adjustments provided that the global servers went to the knees.

Global Database Platform Overview 2020
Blizzards First Action: Release the update with a server rollback to relieve the servers until the problem could be identified.
On Sunday, however, the traffic increased even further, so it came to the next failures. The actual Game servers registered the connection break and tried again and again and again to connect to the database, which further overloaded the database.
During this time, the developers discovered a way to improve the login procedure on the databases. This measure was carried out, as well as there were other analyzes.
That the servers were then available again on Sunday exactly to the peak time, but was the next shot in the oven. In a few minutes, hundreds of thousands of game preparations on the servers, which caused the next failure.
By Monday, a series of fixes were recorded and code enhancements and customizations of configurations were performed on the global backup database. When this should take over the job of the actual global database on Monday, however, the backup process falsely continued (say: instead of processing the servers requests, these attempted to copy data from the first database), which led to a renewed failure .
In the course of this phase, the developers found further problem agencies that could be fixed promptly. In addition, you introduced optimized entitlement queries for logging-in players and lighed general utilization. Further measures are currently in progress.

On Tuesday it came to a renewed record increase in server utilization. In a region alone, several hundred thousand players were online. Although there was no complete loss thanks to the measures, the performance arrow showed down. Currently, it is the priority of database engineers to provide for noticeable optimizations. In addition, developers from other Blizzard teams and partner companies were used to support smaller fixes, as the main team is fully focused on the core problems.
That it came to all these problems is, among other things, the peculiarities that bring the new edition of D2R. Although certain services and procedures of the original should be retained, they are now in a certain way with the modern player behavior on warfoot. In 2001, it was about unthinkable that so many players in such a short time open as many games and finish again, for example, to shut down certain bosses or areas. One part has been expected. However, the extent under the launch has exceeded expectations in this regard, too, because the beta was still a different picture.
Another problem: Blizzard made the regional databases too often communicate with the global database. The goal is now to restructure the server and database architecture so that regional databases do not need to store their data globally at all.
The fact that it came to losses of character progress in the course of these problems has the following reason: as the global databases failed, the characters hung almost on their regional databases. The developers now had two options: 1) As soon as the global database is available again, you will shut down the information available there immediately for all players. The advantage: Players can play D2R again promptly. The disadvantage: The character progress since the last storage on the global database is lost. 2) The developers drive all servers and let a script go through to transfer the regional data to the global database. The advantage: no loss of character progress. The disadvantage: this process lasts, the servers would have been offline for a while. Blizzard decided for the former variant.
Meanwhile, the developers have found a way to reduce such progress losses to a minimum of a few minutes.
Over the next time, further measures will be performed to relieve the servers and improve performance. This includes, for example, to divide important functionalities into smaller steps and introduce a queue with very high player sandrang.

Those who want to read the entire post in his epic width should therefore schedule a few minutes time.

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