CSGO Gla1ve returns to Astralis and Bubzkji passes to the bench

The Major De Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will start on October 26. All participants are already finalizing the details around their squads, heading to Stockholm to play the highest level of CS: Go. Among the classified teams we find astralis, that already revealed its alignment for competition.

Through an official statement, Astralis confirmed that Lukas Gla1ve Rossander will be in the heading rows. Danish had taken a paternity license, since he recently became a father. As a result of the return of him to the competitive, Lucas Bubzkji Andersen will go to the banking of the organization. In social networks, Andersen admitted being devastated by the news.

The CS: Go from Andersen s race was about to sign a major with the name of him, this after being a vital part in the Astralis classification. But, unfortunately, there are only five spaces [to compete]. I felt that, individually, things were on the road indicated near the end, he added. This should not be read as an attack or public reproach: the 23-year-old Danish is willing to help his team inside and off the court. We work hard to get here. We hope to get a great result in the Major , he finished him.

Kasper Hvidt , Sports Director of Astralis, elaborated a little more in the decision. After a talk between him, Andersen and Danny Zonic Sørensen , they reached an agreement. Again, it was mentioned that the Rifler was disappointed, but it would help in what was necessary.

About Rossander, Hvidt mentions that he spent time with his family, but he also followed his team closely. He assures that he arrives with fresh and motivated ideas, so we will see a high-level CS: Go in Stockholm. As a data, the captain of Astralis has a record of four majors to the name of him, looking for 5th this year.

Without more, the complete alignment of Astralis for the Major of Stockholm is as follows:

Lukas Gla1ve Rossander
Andreas xyp9x Højsleth
Emil Magisk reif
Peter Dupreeh Rasmussen
Philip Lucky Ewald

The CS: Go competition will start on October 26, offering 2 MDD in prizes.

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