CSGO follow the rumors of K0nfig to Astralis after his complexity game

Complexity Gaming Confirmed the output of Kristian K0nfig Wienecke from your COUNTER-STRIKE team: Global Offensive. This after a possible contract by astralis was talked about for next year. The reason has to see, mostly, by the injury of the wrist of him. Also because some reports assure that he was filed until January 2022.

Through a publication in social networks, Complexity Gaming wished the Best to Danish. Today we say goodbye to the SP34RM4N , since he chose a different path for 2022. We wish you successes in your future plans, K0nfig, he reads.

As regards the player, he gave thanks to the team for him a very good home . He extended the feeling at the Now Excompany his team, assuring that he will recover forces for next year and I will show domain. In a publication alien to this, he commented that A broken doll does not mean a broken K0nfig. It means firing to fire .

Outside the cogetic mentions about the next team of him, there is nothing confirmed yet. A report of the site Jaxon assured that Astralis will be the new house of him, something that follows with rumors who unlock three key pieces of the Danish team. The only one that would remain Lukas Gla1ve Rossander , a player who recently renewed for three years with the Multicampeon of CS: Go.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2021) - Gameplay (PC UHD) [4K60FPS]
K0nfig, from the part of him, had to enter a period of rest after suffering a wrist injury that meant an operation. Fortunately, everything went well and the therapies showed good progress. Having said the above, it is not sure that we will see it compete in the rest of the year, so the looks will be placed once he starts the rest period in CS: Go.

Complexity Gaming signed Marcelo Coldzera David as a substitute , but now that K0nfig will be on another team, maybe we see it as a starter. However, it s time with the team does not foresee a major, since he could not classify the Stockholm competition after being eliminated from Iem Fall: Europe. In the list of commitments of it figure BLAST Premier Fall: Showdown , where he will play against Made in Brazil, the old team of him.

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