40 of the 3D game readers are reluctant to buy games at full price

A large part of the 3D game readers ensures only go through a box launch with those games that expect with great desire. They are the results of the last survey to the shared community last Saturday, in which we probe if the users of the magazine were to buy many or a few premiere games.

As always, there are many dependent between the answers, but mostly they are clear about their doubts when deciding to go buy any important videogame that is put on the horizon, with very varied arguments. With all the past experiences, today to buy a videogame they have to spend two things: it is very expected, and that works well in the initial reviews, said Alexbird.

Today Buy Exit Games and at full price is to make beta tester marijaia and is that in recent years we have had cases where some products have not been at the expected height, which can happen, but have come to stores with an undesirable optimization status . Today, buy outgoing games and full price is do Beta Tester . So of course, and as long as they do not pay me for doing that work […] I do not care to wait for them to fix it and rebose it While playing other things, said Marijaia.

The new times, however, also brings good things, as more transparent information policies of companies, such as beta versions, extensive gameplay, etc. When you are a great fatal fan of a certain saga or a certain study and taking into account the pre-launch information with which it is counted now, I think it is evident that buy launch games is a very big possibility , independently From what is your general policy , explains Tamtamgo.

Returning to depends , readers cite the presence or not of downloadable content, the number of promised hours of play as well as those responsible for development. A retention of arguments that we invite you to consult the entire, either to continue participating in the debate although the survey has already closed voting, and that comes in a context of price increases for the new generation.

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