The Last of Us 2 16 Best Tips Tricks for Survival

If your LAST OF US Part 2 is not just in the very simple level of difficulty, then the survival fight proves to be very crisp. With our entry-level tips you should move safer through the Postaapokalypse.

Attention: Anyone who does not anticipate anything from the gameplay and want to discover everything independently should not read more. Story spoilers can not be found here.

Last update on 08 October 2021 : Since The Last of US Part 2 is now available in PlayStation Now, we have once again adjusted this article for all newcomers.

Tips in the fight against infected

Switches infected softly and individually

Basically: If you bang wildly on Runner, Clicker and Co., quickly pulls the shorter. Laid-up infected curls with their scream their fungus mutant colleagues, and they do not want that. First of all, you will follow several infected and attacked at the same time, you hardly have a chance.

Therefore, always analyzes the respective situation with the lausch mode, shapes the locations of the CordycePS creatures and best turns it one after the other individually and quietly, in which you fetch from behind or chases an arrow in the head.

These infected species are available:

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stalker killing – that s how it works

Stalker are a little fierer than in its predecessor because they are now crawling on all fours and move even faster. The special thing also? You can only place stalker in the lausch mode. They are practically invisible, fast in gloomy environments of coverage to cover and attack them behind.

Therefore, pay attention to ambient noise and tries to locate the beasts. Always look around in the room and do stalker, if you see them, out of the distance with the bow. Will you be involved in a melee, then your beats deviates and counters with the knife. Stalker can be departed with only a few attacks.

Alternatively: equips the shotgun and is offensive against the beasts.

Clicker killing – that s how it works

Clicker are sometimes burning like in its predecessor and should never be attacked frontal in melee, as they always pull the shorter. Therefore, always turns it from behind. Or misses you a headshot with the sheet or the sound-damped pistol.

In addition, they place you with their clicking noises, if you have too loud since. Or if you stay in your area too long in a place. Therefore always remains in motion (but that is the same as the A and O in the game, as you might already have noticed).

Shambler killing – that s how it works

The Shambler is a completely new opponent type that does not just look really disgusting, but is also super-dangerous. He emits a kind of acidity cloud that ots Ellie s skin. Therefore, you should always attack the shambler out of the distance. At the best lures him into an approximation mine and then paints him with the pumpgun. The Molotovcocktail also proves to be an effective weapon. Many hits do not stop the monster.

Bloater kill – that s how it works

Bloater are even more dangerous in the LAST OF US 2 than in Part 1. The armored fungus mutants provide weaning with their beatings and can also run much faster than before. In addition, thanks to your mushroom plate dress, you get tidy damage. Take you the sight, then you roll like a tank on you and smash yourself with a blow. They even break through walls or other obstacles.

As already at the shambler, therefore, the distance is considered. Uses Ellie s own flickness and always sprints in a safe distance to lure the Bloater in mines, with Molotowcocktails to apply and / or sprinkle with headshots.

Tips for sneaking / stealth system

Note in advance: Disputes can be easily solved in the game either creeping or in the open fight. Both gaming styles are not strictly separable in The Last of Us 2, except of course you really attach it.

As a rule, however, you will stumble in many situations in which sneaking is perhaps the right way, but from some point, direct attacks are unavoidable and vice versa.

In clashes, the survival factor is in focus. Often she stumbles in unforeseen moments that require improvisation. Therefore, The Last of US 2 offers a number of tools and ways to finish with your enemies.

crawling in the high grass is survival

Ellie is not only nimble road as Joel, but also has some new features in stock. The heroine can now, for example, lie on the floor and crawl. Even shoot and bottles / throw bricks is possible in lying position. And so you should take advantage while sneaking.

Crawling Ellie is not only quieter than in the squat, but can also be so unnoticed move through tall grass or squeeze under cars.

But remember: Lying you re never completely hidden in the tall grass or under objects. Enemies notice you when they come to you too close. Dogs sniff you, thanks to its good nose. It helps to always keep moving, while never losing sight of the enemy.

Uses always the listening mode and analyzed the respective position

Like the original, the listening mode in The Last of Us Part 2 proves again, as your best friend. the R1 key down to be able to opponents to locate and you first get an idea of ​​the situation. Who (or what) is located in what place, where can I long as I come over? Studying your opponents, you impresses their routes and behavior patterns to help them stay one step ahead.

Uses Silencer & the bow

When you have to sneak act quietly, logically. Who shoots suddenly straight on from the high grass or from cover, startles infected and human enemies. Accesses the Stealth therefore prefer the good old sheets or the muffler back. Arrows can you now crafting, silencer also. But beware: the latter breaks down after only a few shots, which is why you should always pay attention to the display.

Draws dogs from, they do not kill

Dogs are your new worst enemies in the game. First, because they can sniff you and her master or mistress directly to you. On the other hand, because they are incredibly nimble when they persecute you and push you to the ground.

About the listening mode you can see the track that receive the dogs when they get a taste for you. This track is the same before the route to move on the animals to you. Keep track and four-legged friends so keep an eye and removes you from generally keeps moving.

Dogs you could theoretically remotely out off with bow or silencer weapon that should you only do when they are traveling without an owner. Otherwise shoos her on not only the master / mistress, but also equal to the whole store. Lures they prefer instead to the wrong path, where you throw a bottle / a brick as far as possible from you and then makes you out of the dust.

tips for open battle

Are you been caught or sets it immediately to an open discussion, and it shall help these tips on:

Invite before any discussion of your weapons and best also after each shot. About you in the middle of the fight, the magazine is empty, costing valuable time
generally tend to save Uses a headshot to ammunition. When Arch s are so often also an arrow back
Will you asked of enemies, they bewerft with a bottle / a brick (R2) to bring them into tumbling and can stab then quickly
There is now an alternate key that you should use in close combat. However, it is here on the right timing to: Suppresses just before you caught a blow, the L1 button

Running away is often better than to keep fighting

Do you have a fight not eventually lost control because you go out, for example, ammunition and medikits or because opponents are simply outnumbered, then running away is usually the best option.

Ellie sprints faster than her foster father Joel, can jump at full speed smoothly over obstacles. Takes advantage of its agility to make you into sticky situations from the dust and hide you again. Flees into the high grass or crawling under fast cars. Opponents will lose you from the eyes and take a deep breath and you can manage to get a new plan.

General Tips for The Last of Us Part 2

Things worth

Seattle is divided into several major areas, all of which are larger and more branched than the levels of its predecessor. Because you two thanks mission instructions always take The Last of Us at hand, you could theoretically run straight to your respective target in most chapters anyway. However, we do not recommend it.

Look instead always exactly, take branches, looking for doorways. Almost in every corner of Seattle takes her crafting materials, collectibles or letters that provide background information and thus enrich the story. And not only that, there are even verpassbare groups of enemies and even cut scenes in some areas.

Looted anything that does not rivet and is nailed down

And where we are already exploring. As already in Part 1, collecting materials is an integral part of the game mechanics. Balls and arrows are not thrown back in The Last of US 2. Therefore, there is always fallen opponents after ammunition, wired drawers, looks in cabinets and lockers, so that you can rely on a (more or less) filled magazine in the case of the fall. Of course, we not only lose ammo. Glue rolls, scissors, alcohol and Co. can also be released everywhere in the game world and are needed for crafting different equipment and aids. Look in a room three times than later in a break-breaking situation without having to do without Medikit! Do you have more tips for beginners?

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