Sony PlayStation has learned from PS4 there will be new ideas and more updates in PS5

In Sony are very satisfied with the situation of your new generation console despite the difficulties that the pandemic has meant. PS5 continues to sweep in stores and, while new players arrive, we try to improve the user experience with the machine. Without going any further, the last September update surprised us because it even improved the performance of some games.

The state of the firmware is very important, and this question has been addressed Hideaki Nishino in a question and answers session in the Official Blog of PlayStation. The Senior Vice President of Platform has insisted, above all, in which they have learned from their experience with PS4 E they will try to get better functionalities and more often to PS5 .

We have interesting, exciting and fantastic ideas Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform We have learned a lot from PS4 and we continue learning in relation to how players use the system, as well as the behavior of games, he says. We know what they like most and what functions are not used, so we had a huge list of things to do before the ps5 launch and, currently, we dream of doing everything . We have interesting, exciting and fantastic ideas .

PlayStation 5 enjoys a very good health, reaping successes in sales since its official launch in November last year. All this despite the problems that the new generation consoles are suffering with the shortage of components , a serious matter that is affecting planning and that, unfortunately, it could be extended over time.

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