Bochum construction sites The euphoria is there

It applies to save the euphoria from the rise year into the new season, Thomas Reis had already announced early. Currently there are some construction sites around his troupe in front of the directional game on Saturday in a week at the with-promoter SpVgg Greuther Fürth. Anyway, the high-spirit after the climb is. With four points and 4:16 goals, the VfL Bochum ranks in place 17th.

The question about the Bochum collective – rice lets square places unoccupied

For the workup of 0: 3 in Leipzig on the day of the birthday of Thomas Rice (he will 48) the responsible persons should take a bit more time than usual. Not, because the performance would have been underground, but above all, because the targeted plan to solve everything about the collective and a certain unity to serrate.

Not for the first time, according to Thomas Rice, the training power of some players left to be desired. For this reason, he had banned from the squad at the beginning of the season Armel Bella Kotchap, later hit Herbert Bockhorn. The fact that rice has left two squads vacant for the tour to Leipzig, should be relatively rare in paid football.

Rice left it, narrated on request only, he has nominated for the game the squad that he kept the most suitable. Which players had disappointed him especially, let themselves be reading which professional would have been fit and operational, but was not at the start in Leipzig. For example, Silvere Ganvoula, which is in use this week for the national team of the Congo. Apparently, the striker only sincerely does little to convince his coach to give him a chance in a Bundesliga game.

Ambitious Riemann denounces abstands publicly again

It should also be talked about the again critical words of Manuel Riemann, who was not open to the first time and honestly after a lost game the abuses in the team. It will not please everyone as the ambulating publicly judges about their own teammates, of course he was not flawless against RB. If there was a dispute, says rice to the critical words of his goalkeeper, then we clarify the intern.

Overall, the Bochum team is very good and quite quiet, there is Riemann the crass exception. That he chose the way about the public, certainly not everyone will please everyone. Internally expressed criticism is likely to fall on fertile ground.

Teststone Fürth

It was set on setbacks, it was called from the rights of those responsible before the season. You will also be able to deal with phases in which there are two, three or more defeats in a row. How robust is the current Bochum team, not physically, but mentally, may possibly show at the basement duel on Saturday in eight days.

This game of the two newcomers, placed in place 18 (Fürth) and 17, have a certain meaning, says sports board Sebastian Schindzielorz. But then the season is not over.

But then the season is not over.

Sebastian Schindzielorz

Nevertheless, this encounter can of course become a signpost. Until then, the VfL managers have to do everything to close the ranks. Only in the collective, emphasizes Schindzielorz, we can achieve our seasonal goals.

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