MIR4 already has one hundred open servers and gets more

Mir4 Global is still very popular. From the premiere of the global version, a month has passed (with a hook), and the number of online players stays more or less at the same level, as at the beginning (30-40 thousand). There are so many people that Wemade Entertainment is forced (every day !!!) Open new servers. Exactly… Mir4 took off with only eleven servers (8 for Asia, 2 for Europe, 1 for North America), but now – 36 days later – all worlds are already exactly 100. 48 for Asia 11 for Europe 27 for North America 13 for South America 1 for India It is a pity that a large part of the game community is fraudsters who want to earn cryptopalities in an illegal way (a quarter of a million people have been banned together). You will play here .

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