If you want to put on the skin of a biker look at the last viral and ultra realistic Gameplay of Ride 4

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Of course, a large part of the protagonism of the new generation of consoles has come for its power when executing dozens of video games . Something that has opened a thousand possibilities for both developers and players who enjoy realism in this entertainment. A characteristic that, if done well, could contribute to the immersion of users. As the last Gameplay of Ride 4 makes that has become viral thanks to its ultra realism in PS5.

And it is that the video is incredibly detailed , something that is magnified when it happens in a wet circuit that allows you to perceive even more dance dances and textures. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the user Tim Soret, who has published on Twitter an extract of the gameplay on YouTube, has received more than 32,500 I like and 6,500 RT , not to mention the 3, 8 million visualizations .

As this same user says in its publication, this GamePlay of Ride 4 in PS5 reproduces a rendering incredibly natural , so it is perceived as a simple demonstration of everything that the new generation of consoles can do , both with the Sony console and Xbox Series. So any lover of motorcycles will enjoy a barbarity with this video.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in more experiences related to motorcycling , know that Milestone, the developer behind Ride 4, has a great experience in the field. Something that you can see yourselves with style franchises such as SBK, the annual deliveries of MotoGP 21 or, leaving the races in circuits and entering the field of motocross competitions, with the last MXGP Pro.

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