Steam 9 years old shooter is back in the charts thanks to new DLC

A DLC just storms the Steam charts. Operation Springflut is a new additional content for the competitive shooter counter-strike: Global Offensive, which offers players new challenges, maps and game modes.

Operation Springflut: New CS: Go-DLC conquers Steam

The release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now more than 9 years back – but despite its high age, the ego shooter is still getting huge popularity today. At peak times are still 600,000 players at the same time and measure each other.

For fresh wind, the so-called operations provide the game at irregular intervals with new content and are available only for a limited time. Since the 22nd of September, CS: Go players can buy the new DLC Operation Springflut for 12.75 euros , which offers new challenges and weekly missions. If these are successfully completed, wave rewards such as weapons kins, stickers and Co.

And although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been played for free for some time, the new DLC is a true Steam bestseller and secures second place in the charts (Source: Steam).

Ein trailer, which appeared simultaneously with the new operation, is right on the new DLC:

CS: Go Operation Spring Flood at Steam View

New operation brings more changes

The new operation not only brings changes to buyers of the DLC. Thus Developer Valve took the publication of the additional content as a reason to implement some more changes, taking a big impact on the game .

Private matchmaking queues can be created.
Players can now seek competitive matches that are only 16 laps instead of 30 laps.
Deathmatches are available in three different modes: Classic, TDM, Free for All

In addition, there were other changes that should affect the Meta-Game directly:

Grenades can now be dropped like weapons.
The body damage of Desert Eagle was reduced.
The body damage of the M4A1-S has been increased.
The price of the Akimbo pistols was reduced to $ 300.
In the hostage mode, the anti-terrority unit can now purchase and equip a ballistic shield.

And also the maps have been made numerous changes. The full patchlogs can be found directly on Steam.

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