New Dungeons Dragons book seen online

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Wizards of the Coast plans to launch a new book by Dungeons & Dragons in January 2022. has just published an ad for a new Dungeons & Dragons book, with a launch date scheduled for January 25, 2022. Curiously , the book has a non-standard retail price of $ 169.95, which is the same price as current box sets containing the three books of main rules of the game. This could mean that the list corresponds to a new product in cash or some type of premium product on the renovated Strahd drition line, a $ 100 box launched by wizards from the coast last year.

No other information was provided on the books, but it is likely that we obtain a formal revelation this Sunday during the Wizard of the Coast D & D celebration, a live broadcast event that takes place to celebrate the launch of the new adventure book of D & D. Wild beyond the bruja . The final panel of that event is entitled The Future of D & D and will have the director of the design studio of D & D, Ray Winninger, the director of licenses and publications of D & D, Liz Schuh, the main designer of Rules Jeremy Crawford and the History main designer Chris Perkins on a round table over the franchise. Since the list refers specifically to this panel, it seems more than likely that Wizards of the Coast officially announce the product during the panel … unless something is filtered first on the Internet.

Dungeons & Dragons has become an important part of the success of the Hasbro parent company in recent years. In response to the renewed interest in the game and the franchise in general, Wizards of the Coast has increased the cadence of the D & D launches with five books of main rules launched this year and has increased the number of linked products. Several D & D videogames are currently in development and live action. Mazmorras Y Dragones The film is currently in postproduction.

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