Fight heat and cold with the top 10 levels of snow and ice in video games

A solar divine being (likewise sun siren or sun god) is a sky divine being who represents the Sun, or a facet of it, normally by its viewed power and also strength. Solar deities and also Sun worship can be located throughout many of recorded history in different forms. The Sun is occasionally described by its Latin name Sol or by its Greek name Helios. The English word sun originates from Proto-Germanic sunnǭ.

The fault of global warming or the anger of the Sun God, but it was very hot this month. Looking at Wunderground (or as I like to call it, the front-running sign of the bad news), my little corner of the northwestern Pacific is supposed to reach 118 F (it is like -2 300 Celsius or Kelvin or some Something like that, mathematics and science have never been suit) Monday and stay three digits up, I do not know, the end of eternity.

We have all our means to refresh ourselves, whether it is increasing the air conditioning (screw the environment, dad should always be kept at a temperature of 65 degrees), to launch an ice bag in front of a fan, or A tube with a pack of six frozen generic beers in this refreshing creek infested with leavs that feels a little funny but that will probably very well. Without a doubt, the best way to stay cool (at least it’s the premise of this article, then go ahead) is to revisit these snowy and glacial levels in our favorite games. Here are some of the best in recent years (you know, when the snow started resembling snow)

Snow, ice, bear, badgers, microtransactions … Lara Croft watches them all at this incredibly well rendered level that has definitely repulsed the graphic snow making technology in the first days of 2016.

What is a painful self-discovery trip without a hike in the snow? Is the cold a metaphor of the iced heart of Ellie? Who can forget this tutorial of play mechanics in the form of a battle of snowballs with adorable and disengous post-apocalyptic children? Why so many questions ?

Almost all the games of Software include a kind of tribute to winter, because Miyazaki would be obsessed with both snowballs and Nightmare Before Christmas. Filled with trees that breathe frost, hypothermia and giant wolves, this DLC is guaranteed to make the end of your fingers with blue. This is obviously why I dropped the joystick against the wall.

Weird to have equality in a completely arbitrary and invented classification system, but what can you do? The recent entrance Resident Evil Village opens in Winter Europe and the weather plays an important role in setting up what will happen, because nothing is more terrifying than to be in White sailing conditions and not to be able to see the next cut scenes. As for God of War, I mean, go, all this jeu is a great snowy mountain, although there are many environments that, uh, are not. Is not it, my boy?

Freeman Dyson - Stratospheric cooling vs global warming (145/157)

You can be forgotten if you have forgotten that Gears 5 spent a lot of time in an extremely well-rendered snow and ice environment. But he did it. A lot. Here is the proof.

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