Boso 2 Boss battle difficulty is also lowered and removed my collision my village

Boss 2 Boss combat The patches that lowered the difficulty of difficulty. In the past, a boss physical strength that was not disclosed in the game appears in the form of a ‘fitness bar’, and the general users on the bosses for the boss have been modified to avoid damage.

Related updates have been on the last 8 days. With the part of the boss battle, the ability to replace the armor and the ornaments during the battle with the part of the battle was added and removed the character collision in the village. In addition, there was a balance patch that adjusted some of the non-weapons and axes used in the game.

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Among these character crashes are the system that represents NCsoft Mobile Games. The purpose is to implement defension of defending the opponent ‘s advance to the body as a large battle, such as a siege. There was an inconvenience that the character conflict was inconvenient in the village where many users gathered, but in the village where many users gathered. In addition, the primary balance patch was held to adjust some of the unauthorized codes in the game and the axis used in the game.

About this patch, NCsoft explained that the user reviewed and reflects the number of users who have been asked to improve. ENC officials said, We are continuously reviewing and improving, and are conducting review and development to improve and improve the inconvenience of the use of games, said an official, said, I am looking for a review and development of users, I can rationalize it as a reasonable service I will try to try.

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