CSGO Colzdera would return to compete after almost three months on the Beb of FAZE CLAN

In June of this year, FAZE CLAN announced that Coldzera would not be on the holder of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . With the return of Olofmeister and Karrigan as captain, the Brazilian of 26 years stayed inactive for more than two months. According to multiple reports of dexerto, 1pv.fr and GE , the superstar of CS: GO will soon be competing next to Complexity Gaming .

Complexity Gaming had a last second detail prior to ESL Pro League 14 . K0NFIG, One of its pillars, had to take a break for health issues. Natosaphix It came as a substitute for international competition, helping to get into Round 12 of the qualifiers. While Team Vitality was eliminated by 2-1, he did not have poor performance as far as results.

Despite the foregoing, the North American organization already has the Brazilian Rifler at Look. Coldzera was in Faze clan after leaving Made in Brazil , although he did not materialize any major or international streak. Now, he seems that he is ready to sign with those of Blamef. So far there is nothing confirmed by both parties, but to become official, Coldzera will see competitive game on this September 24 at BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2021 . Also, he will play with his Brazilian compatriot Peacemaker, Current Complexity Gaming coach.

Coldzera arrived at Faze Clan in September 2019, after a bad competitive streak next to Made in Brazil. Years later, in August 2021, the Rifler talked with Good Game Brazil at his podcast ggcast , sharing that he made the decision based on the friendship of him with Niko. The Bosnian joined G2 Esports in October 2020, leaving the Brazilian in the middle of a Clan in the process of renewal.

What happened to K0nfig? On August 17, he suffered from an accident with his right wrist. Specifically, a dislocation and a fracture that were already treated by surgery. Through his social networks, the Danish shared that he already presents improvements, but maybe we do not see him compete for a few months.

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