Forever Jackass is delayed until 2022

After more than 10 years without a new movie of Jackass , Johnny Knoxville, Steve or more members of this concept that originated in MTV, they are back with a new tape. However, Fans will have to wait a little more to see that new job, since this feature film has been delayed.

Recently, Paramount revealed that _ Forever_ Jackass will no longer be available on October 22, but will reach the cinemas until February 4, 2022 . This information was revealed with a video published in the official account of Knoxville on Instagram. Here we can see the actor climbing a spectacular and personally changing the premiere date of the tape.

This was not the only change that was carried out recently, since Paramount also revealed that _ Top Gun: Maverick_ is now scheduled for May 2022 , while Mission: Impossible 7 will arrive at some September 2022. The reason for these modifications should not be a surprise, since the Covid-19 pandemic was responsible.

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On related topics, Netflix has announced a series of guillermo horror del Toro. Similarly, there is already a date for the DC Fandome this year.

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