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Lee Jae-yong Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman will be sent to the 13th. The Ministry of Justice said the Vice President Lee Jae-yong was confirmed by 8 · 15 paradelica. Last January is sentenced to a two-year of the tremendously in the case of a criticism of the national farm.

As long as it is a pile of parents, this vice president of management is narrowed, but it is a rating that will speed up a large investment or acquisition (M & A) as long as the burden of the volume due to the total number of blank risks.

The parallel of this vice chairman of the Vice Chairman said, from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Justice, On the parenting of the parent, the members of the committee were attended, and the Minister of Personnel went directly to the briefing immediately after he was reported on the results of the judges.

8 · 15 The subject of the book is a total of 810 including this vice president. Since this Liberation Day is Sunday, the execution of parcels is on Friday, 13th, on Friday, 10 am.

However, this vice president’s management activities will be constrained more than before. The parallel is not exempted from the mold, and it is a temporary release because it is temporarily released, and it must comply with constant conditions. Features can not be employed for five years, and should be observed for protection. Overseas departure is also not easy.

The industry’s most interested in the sector is semiconductor investment. While this vice president is inevitable, the United States and China’s semiconductor exchange war is deepened, and Samsung Electronics is narrowed by Samsung Electronics.

Global semiconductor companies such as Taiwan TSMC, US Intel, will be released to expand the gap and expand the gap in order to announce the investment plan of hundreds of hundreds.

On the other hand, Samsung Electronics has been $ 17 billion (19 trillion won), but it has made a framework for the United States in the United States, but it has not yet solved the problem of site selection. In this situation, Samsung Electronics is expected to be construed as a result of this vice chairman who is out of English.

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We revealed the rebound. In a strict situation, in a strict situation, the Justice Crystal of the Vice Chairman said that in the Global Semiconductor Market, it would be in the center of the new economic order, he said.

This measure, as reflects the national demand that is reflected in the role of Samsung’s tricks on the crisis of our economy and reducing the role of Samsung, which will be active in this expectation and will be active in creating investments and jobs.

Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry Welcome to the Vice-Chamber of Commerce, In the situation where the change and decision rate are important, we welcome to allow free economic activities with the self-seating decision of this vice president. We expect to go to the national economy, such as maintaining the ultralating and advancement of the future next generation strategy industry in the competition.

The Korea Executive Association emphasized that Fortune, Fortune, which is glad to be dedicated to management activities, said Korea Executive Association.

In the global semiconductor market, in the global semiconductor market, we have been constantly revealing the position of the management of Lee Jae-yong, the largest company, which is the largest number of companies that leads our economy,

On the other hand, in the sense, the vice chairman was a criticism that parcels were inappropriate in that this vice president has left a trial and propagation illegal admission trial.

On the other hand, Park Hyun-joo Justice spokesman said, There was a question that there was a questionnaire in the situation in the past, or in the case of a trial in the past,

The average of 70% of the average of 70% in recent 3 years, said hell, the average of 70% was gradually expanded to 244 recently.

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