Osnabr ck demands abolition of the 3rd league Monday games

With the last year’s descent from the 2nd Bundesliga, the VFL is confronted with the game restructuring of the 3rd league, with the same with mandatory matches on Monday evening. The Monday games are an active, colorful and loud fan culture in the stadium in the way, says Jörn Bauer of the Violet Crew. In his opinion, Monday games complicate and prevent the celebration of football in the stadium.

Dr. Michael Welling, Managing Director of VfL Osnabrück, turns to the side of the fans. I would wish that the Corona-related exclusion of the fans will follow the example from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga no later than the tendering of the new media contracts, he calls. Of course, it is essential for clubs of the 3rd league to improve the economic situation. Nevertheless, we must preserve the core of what makes football.

We need to preserve the core of what makes football.


The criticism of the Monday games the VFL wants to further reaffirm during the season by silent the fans scene during the games the first 45 minutes. As often emphasizes, this is not a decision against the team, but for the matter, emphasizes Jörn Bauer. Thus, the topic should continue to be addressed.

Dr. Michael Welling also gives you to understand: The VfL Osnabrück takes the concern of the organized fans seriously. To express this with a corresponding peaceful protest is comprehensible and important.

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