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With the fourth victory in the fifth league game, the TSG Backnang was climbed on Wednesday on table spot. In the away game at the reserve of the FC Astoria Walldorf, however, the Marinic eleven had to digest an early setback, when Fordyce in the 10th minute after a misunderstanding in the Backnanger defense between Doser and Torwart Knauss met with the emotional lifter into the empty gate. But the TSG did not need long, as it played courageously forward and came in the first half of the first half through Loris Maier for deserving compensation, which sank a flat cross-off of the baseline of central position. The second pass was only a good two minutes old, because Loris Maier put the 2: 1 afterwards, this time a strap in his run, Walldorf’s behind team seemed already turned off and expected that the referee would give free-kick for Backnang.

With luck, however, it did not have to do that the TSG took the threesome on this day, as she showed a good and closed team performance. In the 69th minute Walldorf clarified a flat step not far enough, glittering came in the penalty area to the ball and swelled the ball placed in the angle. The 4: 1 final point in the detention time was a classic counterattack, Kalafatis was sent steeply, ran faster than all defenders and turned free to Torwart Idjakovic.

This 4: 1 also meant the table management, as the FC 08 Villingen just had to plug in his first defeat at the until then echoless SV Oberachern. At the 3: 2 success of the SVO was the initial phase of playing: only Huber sprayed in the 4th minute in a short pass in a short pass and shot the entrance to the house to the 1-0, sautron was equal to five minutes later than he dusted a post-shot. The same match between the 16th and 18th minute, when Oberachern went to Front, this time came back quickly by a header of Ludwig, and Villingen with a ravaged spacer shot of Yahyaijan. The decisive match, as well as hundred, scored Huber again in the 22nd minute, which came much too imprisoned to the shot. After that, the SVO was predominantly at the offensive to see, Villingen had to do more for the game now and had the bad luck that Chiurazzi headed the post shortly before the end. With this success, the SV Oberachern is the second team after FC Schalke 04 (DFB Cup), which was able to conquer the FC 08 in a compulsory game 2021/22.

Impage at the sports friends village feature

Just like Oberachern, the sports lovers village fitting celebrated their first season win. For the men from the Ostalbkreis, the first points were in the fifth attempt. At the 2-0 against the TSV Ilshofen, the sports lovers in the 16th minute benefited from a mistake in the game construction of the guests, switched quickly and riveted to the lead. Gallego Vazquez would have almost expanded almost half an hour almost the lead, but his free kick hit the latte. On the other side only met the post in the 63rd minute. Overall, it was a balanced game, which received another piece of clarity on the scoreboard in the 71st minute on the scoreboard, when Swiss was on the spot after a corner.

Late accents in the other places helped the Freiburger FC after 0: 2 to a 2: 2 at 1. FC Bruchsal, Mourad (53.) and Bohro (88.) turned in each case penalties for the FFC. The FSV 08 Bietigheim-Bissingen met against the 1st CFR Pforzheim by the substitute Mamic (83.) and Gerezgia (90. + 4) even shortly before the end and made from a 1: 1 still a 3: 1. A 0: 1 residue turned the SV Linx at FC Nöttingen, if a bit earlier, namely in the 40th minute by compensating Rubio and the winner of Assenmaker in minute 58.

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The two top favorites of the league had to spend the wednesday on the couch. At the Stuttgart Astoria Walldorfs, Corona cases occurred, the game against the FV Ravensburg could not take place. The same was considered the home game of SGV Freiberg against SSV Reutlingen, as two players have been positive at SSV and six other unvaccinated players had to be in quarantine. By the way, according to the Freiberger, the rule in the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg is, by the way, that the association settles games when a team is not available at least five players for Corona.

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