Yen s Universe New Artist Yeline Planet Open

[Data provided: NCsoft]

\ – Take advantage of the various functions of the universe to start communication with fans worldwide

\ – Memorial Event Progress … FNS, if you fulfill missions in media function, the goods ‘Clause’ gift

The Global Fandom Platform ‘Universe’ was opened today (30 days) of the Global Fandom Platform ‘Universe’ of New Artist ‘Yeolin’.

The group ‘Girlfriend’ Artist ‘Yeline’ was launched to communicate with fans worldwide using the various functions of the universe. She is going to be in the future, she will proceed with live calls such as a universe, and it will be produced by various types of original content.

The universe revealed the Greeting image of ‘Yesin’, which announces the Planet Open through official SNS, such as Twitter, YouTube, Insta Gram.

Yen commemorates the new Planet Open, proceeds with the mission event. When you complete a variety of missions in the Planet, FNS and media functions, you will compensate for the clamp. The claps can be used to use content provided in the universe.

Fans can also participate in support events that support artists. If the fans achieve the support goal score, NC is delivering the snack car to the artist. Five of the event participants present artists’ Polaroid’s photos.

For more information on the universe, you can find Official website and official SNS .

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