What Free Fire Max will need to play the game from the new account All you need to know

Since the news of its global launch has emerged since its global launch, it has become a matter of discussion in the community. The fans were eagerly fascinated to play with better quality graphics, better animations and special effects to their favorite title.

With the introduction of pre-registration, the enthusiasm of the players has increased. Players can go to Google Play Store. Many awards are available for users, including Max Rechar Bundle.

What is necessary to create a different account to play free Fire Max?

Due to the fact that free Fire Max Firelink uses technology, users will be able to log in by using their current free fire accounts and play Battle Royal Title. Apart from this, all their progress and objects will also be transferred to the game.

Consequently, users will not need to create a different account to run free Fire Max on their devices. Firelink technology allows players to play with other users who are using standard version of the game (Free Fire), which has an additional benefit.

Prix Registration Other Details About Milestone Awards

Some pre-registrations are a milestone award which developers have set up for the players. There are exact numbers that need to be crossed to achieve:

  • Max Recker (Down) – 5 Million Registration
  • 2x Gold Royal Voucher – 10 Million Registration
  • Max Rechaser (Facepent) – 15 million registrations
  • Cyber ​​Max Skyboard – 20 Million Registration
  • Max Rechar (Head) – 30 million registration

Apart from these, some other items can be received by inviting friends in a certain number.

To become eligible for these awards, players will have to register on a specific web event / page. They can see the guidance about the process by clicking here.

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