Stardev Valley becomes an ESPORT

When you think of Esports, then probably come as title League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive or relatively new shooter Valorant to mind. Very few think this probably because of games like Stardew Valley.

However, now this is about to change, as the creator of the title ConcernedApe said on Twitter. In collaboration with the Streamer UnsurpassableZ the first official Stardew Valley Cup is held. In this four teams consisting of some of the engagiertesten Stardew Valley players compete for a prize money of $ 40,000. By doing some very well-known figures of the Stardew Valley community as SharkyGames, Matthew McCleskey, and also the popular Sims YouTuber are lilsimise.

UnsurpassableZ explains in a video exactly how the tournament is run. According to him, there will be over 100 different challenges that (buy now € 37.99) all aspects of Stardew Valley explore. Depending on the difficulty of the challenge, a different number is given to points. Points are awarded among others for naming the horse, the completion of Community Centers, and reaching the last level of the Skull Cavern.

Many of the participants are already versed in Speedrunnen the title, the most interesting aspect will therefore be comfortable as they cooperate with each other in their teams. is commenting on the tournament UnsurpassableZ and ConcernedApe, the prize money has probably provided the developers themselves.

The tournament will begin on September 4 at 18:00 and transferred to the Twitch channel of UnsurpassableZ. Individual nodes are, however, also share their perspective on their stream.

Indeed Stardew Valley is not that enters the first Farming title in the Esports League. With Farming Simulator League, there are already tournaments for the title Farming Simulator, in which the best farmers fighting for a prize.

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