M ller relies on Lewandowski Not Fit or New Level

Hertha marked Lewandowski three goals, maybe the most important moment was already in the sixth minute when he carried out unselfishly for Thomas Müller, which then made the 1-0 and so paved the way to the later victory. I asked if he is not fit, or if he has reached the next level, because he now suddenly carries out balls in the penalty area for a better posted, Müller then released at Sky and found that one Nothing does not get the paper if you do not touch the ball.

I asked if he is not fit, or whether he has reached the next level because he is now at once bounds in the penalty area for a better posted.

Thomas Müller

This fact was certainly aware of Lewandowski, but pure egoism was not responsible in the square. It’s not all about the gates, the pole firmly firmly and stressed that he always wants to get better a level, and generally improve the playing style. There is no more recrodes, even if he moved to Hertha the next one – he met the first Munich at all in 16 competitive games in a row. I’m focused on my job, important is that the team plays well – that helps me too.

He realizes that if he plays a selfless thing he is served by us anyway and he does his gates, supplemented Müller and stated: That’s the crazy, then he’s a hat-trick in passing. Lewandowski, who received the trophy to the footballer of the year before kick-off by sixth minute editor Jörg Jakob, also has extraordinary qualities according to Müller. Of course he has a rier, then he has skills – left, right, head, body, he knows where a ball is coming, where he can be dangerous, the 31-year-old led the qualities of the world footballers.

That’s crazy, then he makes a hat trick in passing.

Thomas Müller About Robert Lewandowski

That Lewandowski does not make the roast fat, Hertha’s Niklas turned heavily. Defend him hard, because the others are not so bad either. Thomas (müller, Note d. Red.) makes the room well on, Serge (gnabry, Note d. Red.) runs through – the If you have to defend – and Lewandowski makes it clever, sometimes goes into the shadow there. All offensive players are variable.

Nagelsmann enthuses: incredibly good

And yet: Lewandowski is much more, as coach Julian Nagelsmann supplemented. He is not a classic direct space player because he is very strong between the lines, said the coach, and came into raptures: His variability in the conclusion makes him incredibly good. The Will want to shoot goals. Also, Nagelsmann betrayed that Lewandowski likes to listen and implement things, even without star alerts. Exemplary for this he called the start, which he did more out of depth against Berlin and less as usual with short sprints.

And Lewandowski? He made a clear announcement and betrayed that he is still not enough: I’m always hungry, I feel physically very good, much better than a few years ago.

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