Black Ops Cold War Treyarch promises important changes in EM2 TEC 9 and PPSH

The Rise And Fall Of Clash Royale
New weapons are always a problem in Call of Duty. They usually get too long of laps, in general, so that the players look invited to exploit the new seasons and devote many hours to level up each armament so that they can devout the battlefield without problems. Which is just what has happened with EM2 and TEC-9, two weapons that are free in season 5 and that have been cast in the goal without any kind of problem, both in the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and in The Battle Royale de Warzone.

Those weapons are now causing true havoc on the battlefield, if they are well equipped of course. Although it is true that the PPSH-41 could receive some other improvement considering that it is not nothing of the other world compared to subfusters such as MP5 or MAC-10, but it is also possible that I suffer Nerfeos as well as the other two weapons.

Treyarch, in the last notes of the patch, has communicated the following:

Mientras the team continues to investigate some particularly complicated problems with the Apply Flat in Zombies function, we are also planning new weapon adjustment settings for TEC-9, EM2 and PPSH-41 for our next update … Stay tuned to those notes of the patch in the near future.

So now it is only a matter of time that EM2 and TEC-9 are up to the rest of the weapons. Season 5 meets as the rest of the seasons in the sense of offering a series of broken arms for a time and then returning to the usual flow of Black Ops Cold War goal. As soon as the patch notes are available, we will bring them immediately.

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