Impact of Genshin How to start and finish or Archon did I do it well

Missions in the world of Genshin Impact usually appear at random and offer good rewards for keeping up with their mission lines. However, some of them may even be difficult to find. If you have a problem with him, we can help him. Here is How to start and finish the or Archon, have I done it well? GLOBAL MISSION IN GENSHIN IMPACT .

Oh Arconer, have I done well? Missions Guide

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How to get the mission of the world

This global mission is complicated, since it will only be available after completing these two Inazuma adventurers’ commissions in a specific way: Oh, Archon, listen to me! and sanctuary, it shows once again your power!

When you reach O Archon, listen to me! Be sure to choose the Tricolor Dango option. Then wait a day and interacts with the point of light next to the sanctuary. By oh sanctuary, show your power one more time! Choose a location and food supply. Then, you will have to get the Commission again and choose the other location again with the restoration option.

The commissions are granted a bit randomly every day, so I should be lucky. However, since these are Inazuma commissions, you can open your manual and change the commissions settings at the top right so that only the Inazuma commissions are offered. This will increase your chances of getting the ones you need.

After completing the tasks listed above, Oh Archon, have I done it well? It should appear as a global mission when you approach Shoota in this same sanctuary of the previous commissions in the city of Inazuma.

Complete the mission of the world.

The search of the world itself is simple. Speak with Shouta, then go to the sanctuary on the outskirts of the city. It should be marked for you. He knocks down treasure hoovers there in an easy fight.

The rest of the mission is just talking with different characters to help Shoota with the situation of him. Ask them for advice to Kouichi and Yayoi Nanatsuki, then the search of the world will end with Shouta’s flight.

That’s all you need to know How to start and finish the Archon, have I done it well? GLOBAL MISSION IN GENSHIN IMPACT . Be sure to consult our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other information about the game.

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