DoKev Pearl Abyss Remaps Her Monsters Collection Game

Well known for Black Desert, Pearl Abyss relies on the success of its online RPG to expand and launch other projects currently under development. And while the share-RPG Crimson Dragon recently saw its postponement date, the Korean studio returns today on DoKev, another project initially announced at the G-Star 2019 show.

And the least we can say after Crimson Dragon is that Pearl Abyss knows how to make trailers who put the view, regardless of the registry. Taking place in an open open world oscillating between photorealism and Cartoon, DoKev is an action-adventure game based on the popular kind of monster collection. Creatures named here Dokebi and inspired by the myths and legends of Korean folklore. In the bucolic world of Dokev , these creatures live in harmony with humans, even if everyone is not able to see them. Dokebi can not use their powers in the real world but can give courage and strength to people they support.

According to Pearl Abyss’s release, the open world of DoKev encourages exploration, including using all kinds of vehicles, and offer many opportunities to have fun with its Dokebi, including fishing. The fight will be the part, knowing that the clashes will take place in real time. The Dokebi can be equipped with apparently fanciful accessories but will have an influence on the gameplay. That’s all we know for the moment on dokev that did not get an output window but will be available anywhere in the world on PC as well as unspecified consoles.


DoKev – Trailer Gamescom 2021

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