Marvel fan shows an incredible black cat cosplay

A Cosplayer lover of Harley Quinn has changed things a little and has created an extraordinary attire from Black Cat, which shows that Marvel and DC can live in harmony.

It seems that the world of cosplay has been enjoying its own little Renaissance lately, promoting this socially distanced struggle time (often with the help of that other Stripe) with grace and an incessant impulse. Combine that with the eternal obsession of the world with Marvel, and the world cosplayers will have a stew full of cloth. But sometimes it is easy to forget that not all the popular Marvel characters have opened way in movies and programs yet.

In that note, observe and appreciate Manic Starlet Cosplay, an accomplished practitioner of this particular and fanatic art form of everything related to Harley Quinn. Yes, after all the talk on Marvel, today’s focus is on someone who loves DC. Harley would be proud of such chaos. This cosplayer has a particular love for the many iterations of that beautifully upset alabaster anti-hydroe, but her last effort has gone a bit …

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