CSGO The Major de Stockholm pending a last agreement with the Government of Sweden

When Counter-Strike fans: Global Offensive were already waiting for the beginning of the first Major after two years of parion due to the health situation, its dispute remained in the air due to the difficulties to ensure the presence of all the Players in Stockholm. They secured the organizers that there were alternative plans for their celebration that they certified that it would take place, however, the situation of uncertainty was not a taste dish after the long wait. Some circumstances that seem to have been clarified in the last hours.

The last pending agreement to stay in Sweden

The main problem with Sweden was linked to the exceptional legislation related to the COVID-19 and the exemptions it made when carrying out sporting events. In them there was no separate sections that the ESPORTS was under consideration, something that has been modified due to the pressures of the organizers and of the Mayor of Stockholm itself to the Government **. In this way, an exception has been accepted that relaxes the elite competition concept and increases the possibilities of hosting international elite events of electronic sports.

Despite the guarantee of entry to the country of all players, it would still be a point that Major’s organizers have indicated as essential: Public Persian . The Swedish government currently authorizes a maximum presence of 300 spectators in interior events. A little ambitious figure for the tournament responsible that expected the return of the face to be somewhat more noticeable taking into account the progress of the vaccination campaign.

L2E-Global MasterWork. Hellbound massacre

In this way, the first essential step has been given for the celebration in Stockholm of the next Great Tournament of CS: Go . However, there would still be to be resolved a few fringes always with the threat that the event ends up playing in other European cities that have not had problems to ensure the conditions demanded by Valve and PGL. An unwanted solution by any of the parties that already took place when The International 10 left the city to bet on Bucharest, in Romania.

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