The new Black Myth Wukong trailer is the most NEXT gene you will see Blessed Unreal Engine 5

It is the anniversary of the first trailer of Black Myth Wukong, a Chinese title of which had been talked about thanks to its first game video that surprised by its spectacular visual finish. To see how development has advanced throughout this year, its creators have published a new video that will leave you with your mouth open.

The game still has no launch date and already said it would take a little bit to arrive, since we must bear in mind that it is an independent development. But here we bring you a spectacular sequence of more than 12 minutes with what you will give you an idea of ​​what we will find. We can see fights against several enemies and heads of the game, mainly in snowy areas.

Do not forget that the game is being developed with Unreal Engine 5 , the latest version of the graphic engine of Epic Games, which makes life easier from developers. The game looks spectacular and, in the absence of knowing if it will remain that way in the final version, they make a lot of desire to have it with us.

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The game is born inspired by the bases raised by the saga of fromSoftware , it is undeniable that the mythology that it uses and how it does it is something that plays in another league and who will fall in love with the players addicted to the fantastic that, in addition, they want Hard challenges to confront.

As a final note, this Action-RPG is inspired by the history of travel to the west , which has served as a starting point for many works, such as Dragon Ball. It is expected to be the first of a trilogy.

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