Part 2 Life for TGA supremacy

The Golden Joystick Awards, additionally recognized as the People’s Video gaming Awards, is a computer game award ceremony; it awards the most effective video games of the year, as elected initially by the British general public, but can currently be elected on by any person online. Since 2018, the ceremony remained in its 36th year. It is the second-oldest computer game award ceremony after the Gallery Honors.
The honors were initially concentrated on computer video games, but were later on included consist of console video games also, owing to the success of video game consoles such as the Sega Master System as well as the Sega Huge Drive in the United Kingdom. The ceremony is not connected to the reward distributed to successful participants on GamesMaster, a British television show.

Whether they want them or not, rewards are important. Getting enough rewards – or even nominations – is enough to increase sales of your book or your game. The industry likes to applaud and award rewards to those who, according to her, merit the most, and unfortunately, that can not What to disturb some people, with calls to favoritism or accusations of snobbery that figures.

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At the TGA Awards of this year, Sony has good reasons to be confident. It was an excellent year for the publisher, where most of the most popular outings were Playstation exclusives, and won a huge nominations in the categories – a little less than the Nintendo record of 23 in 2017, but L One of the plus the disputed price of the evening is the Player’s Voice Prize since, unlike most categories, it gives the players themselves the decisive vote.

While the vote is still in progress, three of the last five nominees being Playstation exclusives, two, in particular, stand out as potential winners: Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part 2.

Both have received praise from criticism, although with respect to previous rewards, The Last of Us has been more popular, winning the Golden Joystick Awards earlier this year. However, it is important to remember that the Last of Us Part 2 can be adored, but the players’ reaction has been much more dividing, and the game has been a victim of a targeted campaign of bomb attacks by people discouraged by the first leaks, the scenario or the accusations of complacency for SJW. The campaign has been so successful that Metacritic has changed its rules to ignore all published critics before anyone can reasonably play a game enough to make an informed opinion. GHOST OF TSUSHIMA – Currently at the top of 10 points – has been a lot less conflict; All SJW themes that discourage people about The Last of Us: Part 2, like LGBT characters, have been put away, and as the game was totally original as opposed to a suite, they have not been have no worry about dissatisfied fans of the fate of certain characters.

The two games explore similar themes, such as revenge and guerrillas, and the two present flawless, but ultimately, I think it will go to Ghost of Tsushima – the people who hated The Last of Us: Part 2, whatever their reasons, are unlikely to do so. Rolling and letting a price for which they will have the right to vote, so it seems that with regard to this specific price, they will be content with the second place.

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