BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever is the perfect movie for Ironheart to make his debut in MCU

For a while, it seemed that Ironheart was one of the characters destined to never reach the MCU. The cinematographic universe frequently changes the characters from their origins in the comics, either by investing them, merging them or rewriting them completely. After Shuri’s outstanding paper in Black Panther, it seemed that she would assume the role of Ironheart, and possibly even the nickname of Ironheart, in the future. Morgan Stark, who debuted on Avengers: Endgame, also seemed a viable ironheart, especially with Katherine Langford as the oldest version of the character, although the Langford scene finally cut off.

Since then it has been confirmed that the current RIRI Williams will join the MCU, to be interpreted by Dominique Thorne by IF Beale Street Could Talk. Initially she was expected that she debuted in her own Disney + series, earlier this week was announced, along with Thorne’s casting, which Ironheart would make her reverence at Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Usually, Ironheart wants to be like Iron Man, and Tony Stark advises her directly; Putting it in Black Panther is a hit of genius.

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There were problems with Shuri and Morgan Stark assuming the paper. Shuri is very his …

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