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The PC-FX is a 32-bit home video clip game console developed by NEC and also Hudson Soft. It was released in 1994 and also ceased in February 1998, as NEC’s last residence video game console. Based on the NEC V810 CPU and CD-ROM, it was planned as the successor to the TurboGrafx-16. Unlike its predecessor, the PC-FX was just launched in Japan.
Its kind element is like that of a tower PC, intended to be likewise upgradeable. The PC-FX was uncompetitive with its 5th generation peers as a result of lack of a 3D polygon-based graphics chip, high rate, and minimal developer assistance. It was thought about a business failure.

[Data provided: NCsoft]

Develop strategy to global titles of ‘World Wide’ concept … Pc Principal Precautions

\ – Kim Taek-jin CCO, Lineage W> is a project prepared by the feeling of developing the last Lineage

\ – Full 3D-based ‘Quarton’ adopts, Global Circle Building Services, PC and Console Support with Cross Platform

\ – Global Dictionary Reservations, Official Homepage and Maintenance in Two Markets … Various Games Item Gifts

NCsoft (Lee EN) released a new mobile MMORPG in the Global Online Showcase ‘The World’ today (19th).

Kim Taek-jin CCO, Lineage W> is a project prepared by the feeling that the final Lineage is developing

is a new work that succeeds the authenticity of PC MMORPG Lineage. The concept called ‘World Wide’ was strategically developed for global users. Yen plans to simultaneous Lineage W> in the global market in 2021.

Kim Taek-jin, CCO, introduced the Lineage W> project prepared for the final Lineage project. Lineage W> is a decision of Lineage IP, which has been built in the essence of Lineage, the value of honor, sacrifice, and honor of honor, said Lineage IP, which has been built up for 24 years, said Lineage IP’s decision version of Lineage IP, said Lineage, I emphasized.

Full 3D-based ‘Quarton’ adopted, originally inherited combat and blood, blood, and story line

Lee Sung-gu group and Choi Hong-young The development of the development of Lineage W> introduced the main features and service plans.

▲ Dark Fantasy World, which is implemented as a full 3D graphics and quaternaries ▲ Imagine a variety of visual productions that realize the imagination, and the combat system that enhances the originality of Lineage, and enhances the combat system that enhances the impact, One bloodon and federated content is characterized.

Global Curve Services, Real Time AI Translation, Cross Platforms on PC and Console

Yen is a ‘Global Battle Community’ implementation, Lineage W> is served as ‘Global Circle Building’. Several national users can gather in one battlefield and enjoy collaboration and competition. ▲ Provides a ‘voice pit text’ function that automatically converts voice to a character chat with a ‘AI translation’ ▲ that supports smooth communication among other languages ​​in a game.

is served as a cross-platform. On the PC, you can enjoy the purple, the cross-play service of Mr. Yes. Cross play through console devices (PS5, Nintendo switches, etc.) are also prepared.

Global dictionary reservation start, official homepage and in advance in two market … Various Games Item Gifts

Yen began today (19th) at 10:00 am began a global advance reservation promotion. The user can participate in a pre-reservation in the official homepage of Lineage W> and the Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. All reservators can receive a variety of items after the launch of the game.

You can apply for a subscription of ‘Lineage W> Newsletter’ on the official website. Newsletter was provided to deliver the news of Lineage W> to global users. We plan to start shipment from mid-October.

The showcase can be watched by the Lineage W> Official Homepage . The official website contains detailed information about the , including game introduction, cinematic trailers, and class story images.

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