The world of Black Desert Mobile gets bigger with the arrival of North Mediah

As if the world of Black Desert Mobile was not already big enough, Pearl Abyss has now added a completely new region through which intrepid discoverers can car.

North Mediah is a considerable land mass full of fresh content, quests and stories in which one can move in. You can expect you to get many great rewards through enemy drops in this area, including some important skill books required for ascending characters and powerful Abyssal equipment.

If you are not completely satisfied with your current loadout, the latest update of the game increases the maximum improvement level to 40, so you can become more powerful than ever.

In addition, the NPC Patrigio now contains some mystical weapons and equipment that you can buy with your hard-earned silver. Did not you save enough for this chic weapon that you have in mind? No bother! You can negotiate the price by offering additional items instead.

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The Ancient Maze Event has also arrived. This is a battlefield with five different levels. As soon as you have completed a level, you can decide if you want to stop for the day or continue with other rewards.

In the further course you will receive special rewards, including a new pet. That is, if you die during a level, you will receive a pack of absolutely nothing, which could show you for your efforts. This means that it is a great risk of continuing the exploration of the labyrinth.

Extensive patch notes are now available on the official website of the game. And if you do not want to travel to the fantastic world, you can now download Black Desert Mobile now as a free title from both AppStore and Google Play.

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