YouTube star is because of Krypto

The Youtuber and Streamer Frazier Kay Khattri is involved in a great controversy around the scam with the crypto currency Save the kids. In a new video he explains: Everyone who fell on the stitch is to be compensated – by him personally.

That’s the situation:

  • Four members of the famous FAZen clan have made advertising for the Krypto Currency Save The Kids. This Charity Coin should automatically donate part of the transaction costs to a charitable purpose.
  • The influencern was accused Pump and Dump fraud – so they would have supposedly advertised the crypto currency so many people invest in order to sell their enormous shares with great profit.

How To Use JKSV - Save File Manager
* Now Kay answers again in a video and explains: He also had a loss, but he wanted to pay anyone who has lost money with Save the Kids, now personally repay the money.

Who is the Youtuber? Kay, formerly known as Faze Kay, is a famous YouTube personality. The Streamer and Influencer worked as a Content Creator for the FAZen Clan.

There he has turned all possible videos, in which it was more common to his Tesla. However, videos of viral trends, such as the dollar of a gilded burger for $ 10,000. His videos regularly receive well over one million views.

Most recently, he was involved in the controversy around the Krypto currency Save the kids and was fired by FAZen.

I lost $ 37,000 with Save The Kids

That says Kay: According to their own statements, Kay did not make any profits with Save the kids against the claims of others, but even losses. He shows a screenshot of his corresponding wallets in a new video.

Wallets are called digital purses, in which typically mainly crypto currencies are kept and exchanged. Kay says he was quite even Wallets in which he holds Save the kids.

I’ve explained that in my old video, but I’ll break it down here again: I lost $ 37,000 with Save The Kids. […] people claim that I would have sold for pure profit and then abandoned the project. That’s not true. […] I still have a wallet with all the save the kids in it – if it really went to profit, why did not I sell that?

Kay says he supported the project by paying for about employees and still care for the Coin somehow. He is fully behind it.

How did it ever happen? In an earlier video, Kay already asserted that he had gone to a supposed friend on the glue. He led him to become the face of the new Coin.

Kay himself had no idea about crypto currencies, but the friend already, which is why he trusted him. That has turned out to be a mistake, because according to Kay, the only goal of the friend had to become a millionaire.

In the video he releases the address of a wallet allegedly belonging to this friend. In this wallet, transactions can actually see more than one million dollars. According to Kay, this is a proof of the fault of the friend.

Kay wants to repay everything

This is now his plan: In the video Kay promises that he wanted to repay all the victims to repay their lost money. If you have lost money, you should contact him with the address of the corresponding Crypto Wallet.

If this wallet has made losses between June and July 2021 with Save The Kids, he wanted to transfer the correspondingly lost amount from his own pocket to this wallet.

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is the legitimate? In the comments on YouTube, several users are not sure if Kay is actually so innocent as he claims.

He assures, however, more often that his community is more important to him than anything else and he had no reason to pull her over the table.

At the beginning Kay himself writes that he turns the video against legal advice and publish. How the thing goes out, will show.

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