Also for the financial year 2021 Gladbach threatens a thick minus kick

The bitter truth had been announced in April and therefore known to the members when Schippers arrived on Tuesday evening again on the figures of the financial year 2020. A minus of 16.7 million euros, Borussia drove once after the association was able to identify a rich post-tax profit of 12.2 million euros for the 2019 financial year.

The crucial factor is of course the pandemic, which led to a dramatic sales of sales: the sum of the income fell by 50 million euros, from 213 million euros (fiscal year 2019) on only 163 million euros – despite participation in the Champions League in the past season And the high revenue achieved, which filled the cashier.

“2021 not unlike 2020”

For the financial year 2021 Schippers warned against dark redes again. “It’s hard to predict something in detail because, for example, we do not know how it continues at the topic of spectators. But what you can say: the year 2021 is no different than the year 2020. We will have a minus again 2021. Covid is not gone. And we do not know how long it is going. We must continue to be very carefully approaching, so we step on the brake, “explained the managing director.

The further squad planning will be affected in this way that the money, which comes from a player outlet (promptly possibly Denis Zakaria), can not even be reinvested in recalibration. With a very large part of the future taking (s) the Corona hole must be stuffed. Also, money was already spent, just for left-back Luca Netz (Hertha BSC, four million euros), before Hannes Wolf, Kouadio Koné and coach Adi Hütter.

Also, the proviso is to shut down the salary budget of the license game gate. “If the viewers stay away from a football club, then the economically hurts, and you can not afford that too,” said Schippers. The Borussia is still “no patient, we are not sick, but healthy,” says Schippers, “but that everything has cost us a lot of power so far – and will cost us a lot of power.” Among other things, the prolonged construction of the professional building has also been postponed even further into the future.

Thicker Applause for Hütter

Before Max Eberl entered the sporty area, the new head coach Adi Hütter had already been presented by President Rolf King and received with a long applause of the approximately 1000 members present. Eberl called Hütter as a coach, which brings “sporty quality, technical competence” while being a “great man”. “With him”, so Borussia’s sports director, “we have found an outstanding coach for us. He was our desired candidate and is our most important building block.”

A concrete seasonal goal did not want to exclude Eberl, but he is logically oriented in the places that participate in a European competition. “The great desire is that we bring ourselves in such a good position in the course of the season that we end up fighting european places,” Eberl said.

More clearly in the seasonal goal, as already in the million interview (Mondayout), then Hütter himself. “I am aware that expectation is very, very big. I have already said that we want to go back to Europe,” The Austrian explained. And satisfied with a view of the Bundesliga uptake against FC Bayern: “Maybe we can celebrate the first big victory on Friday.”

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