FIFA 22 FUT Heroes can provide you with a new way to build a team

In FIFA 22, FUT Heroes was introduced as a new unique card type. We will show you all the FUT heroes known so far and explain what the new card will bring.

What is a FUT hero?
FUT Heroes is a kind of icon light added to the game with the FIFA 22 version. In the past, some compelling football players became fan favorites or created unforgettable moments over time.
An example is Mario Gomez. Gomez should still be known to fans in this country. He has also been in a storm for a long time in the national team. He continued to find goals for VfB Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, and VfB Wolfsburg. By the way, in FIFA 20, Gomez fans attracted people’s attention with a crazy number of games.
So you can expect a large number of football players, they may not reach the level of Ronaldo or Zidane, but they are still remembered today.

The unique features of FUT Heroes:
Hero cards in Ultimate Teamwork slightly differently from regular cards or icon cards. The way you build chemical reactions in your team is unique.
FUT Hero Cards subsequently established green chemical connections with their respective alliances. Each FUT hero is assigned to a particular league where he has proven his skills. In addition, other players of the same nationality are given the usual contacts.
Therefore, FUT heroes can provide you with new ways to build a team.

You will find all previously known FUT heroes, their overall ratings, and information about their compounds in the list below.

FUT heroes in FIFA 22
According to EA Sports, more FUT heroes will be announced later this August. We will keep you updated on the latest information and update the list.

Mario Gomez: Germany, Bundesliga, rating: 88
Tim Cahill: Australia, Premier League, rating: 85
Diego Milito: Argentina, Serie A, rating: 88

Jorge Campos: Mexico, La Liga BBVA MX, score: 87
Fernando Morientes: Spain, La Liga Santander, rating: 89
Sami Al-Jaber: Saudi Arabia, MBS professional league, rating: 86

Robbie Keane: Ireland, Premier League, rating: 86
Abedi Pele: Ghana, Ligue 1, Rating: 89
Clint Dempsey: the United States, MLS, rating: 85

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