Players are already excited about the news of FIFA 22 career mode

After FIFA 22 presents the new trailer, players in the series are already discussing the next part of the innovation. The trailer mainly deals with the new HyperMotion feature, which should provide more realism. But in the FIFA subreddit, announcements about career models are the primary source of excitement. Because it was announced on the official website of FIFA 22 that you could finally create your club in the revised career mode, currently, you can only use existing clubs in the real world in career mode. You can then choose your favorite club and raise it to the top level-but. Having your club is another number. After all, you can build it from scratch.

The announcement of the career mode is as follows: Realize your football dreams in the career mode of FIFA 22. Create a club and transform your players from relegation candidates to world stars (from EA SPORTS).

In addition, the player’s career will also be revised. Further announcements regarding the career mode are coming soon-therefore, I still hope that the offline mode, which may be the most popular in the game, will get more innovation. But this method is ready to stimulate discussion among participants.

Players want customization and online features.
Community comment: In the FIFA subreddit, the announcement that you will create your club is trendy. In the past, many players criticized the lack of personality in the career model. Owning your club will be a step in the right direction.
After all, a club needs a team and a national emblem, jerseys, and stadium. Players hope to express themselves creatively here:
I have been waiting for this! I’m glad this is one thing! one user commented (via Reddit).
Although this is a great addition, the feature may be very similar to the FUT Stadium feature in Ultimate Team. So lower your expectations, guys! said another user (via Reddit).
I hope that there are the right customization options (shirts, stadiums, etc.) and it’s not as simple as a professional club, a user commented (via Reddit) and mentioned the game: Friendly reminder, you can create your own in PES Clubs (including sponsorship, etc., I made my damn college league with genuine jerseys for my club).
At the same time, some people criticized that such a feature already exists-that is, in the early branches, such as FIFA 07. But in recent years, there is no such option at all.

In addition, the most coveted feature of career mode is still under discussion: an online component that can play careers with or with friends. Because especially when you can find your club now, competing with friends can be very exciting.

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