Is it worth buying FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition for $99?

You can now pre-order FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition for PS5, PS4, Xbox series, Xbox One, and PC. But is the expensive version worth it? Let’s take a closer look at the Ultimate Edition and explain its advantages to you. This is the ultimate version of FIFA 22: the new FIFA will appear in two different versions this year. In the standard and ultimate editions. This is a bit surprising because there have been three versions of FIFA in the past few years. The Champion Edition is no longer available this year.

You can pre-order these editions. Their prices and bonuses are different:
FIFA 22 Standard Edition for PS4 and Xbox One-$69.99
FIFA 22 Standard Edition for PS5 and Xbox series-79.99
FIFA 22 PC Standard Edition-59.99
FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series-99.99
FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition PC-79.99

The question arises: Is the Ultimate Edition worth it for me?
We will introduce you to the differences and tell you which version you should use.

The Ultimate Edition provides these advantages.
This is the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22: The Ultimate Edition contains many additional bonuses that the standard version of FIFA 22 does not. But there is other content common to both versions.

The Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition have the following benefits:
Player of the week (FUT)
Mbappé Loan Card (FUT)
FUT Ambassador Loan Player (FUT)
Career model native (career model)
Only the Ultimate Edition provides the following rewards:
FUT Hero Card for December 1st (FUT)-if booked before August 11
Ones-to-Watch card (FUT)
4,600 FIFA points
Both versions claim (PS5 and PS4 or Xbox series and Xbox One)
It is worth noting here that there are no longer any weekly free packages. In the past few years, these have provided FUT players with free packages for several weeks. If they are lucky, they can find strong cards.

FIFA 22 Early Access-How to be the first to play the game
So you can start earlier: In addition to the various rewards mentioned above, the Ultimate Edition offers the most significant advantage: the early start of FIFA 22! Users who pre-purchase the Ultimate Edition can start using it four days in advance to seize the opportunity in Ultimate Team.

These are the start times:
FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition-September 27, 2021
FIFA 22 Standard Edition-October 1, 2021
If you are an EA Play customer, you can even start earlier. Then, you will accept the 10-hour test phase of FIFA 22, which begins on September 22.

So is the ultimate edition worth it?
If you want to start using FIFA 22 as soon as possible and mainly play Ultimate Team, then the Ultimate Edition offers some advantages that may be of interest to FUT players. But keep in mind that the additional content in the ultimate edition can be disappointing.
Because you will get a coveted single-player card and a new FUT hero card, but these random cards do not automatically guarantee good players. It may also be that the card is not strong enough or not suitable for your team.
However, if you need to start as early as possible or have friends from different generations of consoles who want to play together, there is no way for the ultimate version.
If you don’t care about getting up early and tend to spend your FIFA time on career mode, professional clubs, or friends on the couch, then you can choose the standard version without hesitation. This provides some excellent advantages and has the same game content as the Ultimate Edition. Only some ultimate team bonuses are missing here.

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