Do PC gamers have to play FIFA 22 Lite again?

The first official information of FIFA 22 has come out, and PC gamers want to know what version they will get this time. Will it become the previous generation version again like last year? We look at clues and clarify what PC gamers can expect.

FIFA players who played virtual football on the PC last year were not excited. At that time, FIFA 21 did not get the next-generation upgrade of the PC. At that time, the PS5 and Xbox series versions of the pimp were launched. In terms of graphics and playback, there are no changes to the PC version. So the PC version may become the previous generation version again.

We already know: EA has not formally commented on the PC version of FIFA 22. So far, we only know the first trailer and some information about gameplay and new features. EA is promoting the new HyperMotion technology, which is designed to change the next-generation version of FIFA 22 on a large scale.

The question is whether these next-generation features will enter the PC version. The first signs indicate a clear direction.

What are these clues?
If you check the official page of FIFA 22, you will find product descriptions of various FIFA versions in the pre-order area. It is worth noting that the text on the PC version is significantly shorter, and there is no mention of the new top-level feature HyperMotion,-which is different from the console version.
EA mentioned the new HyperMotion game technology in the PS5 version. This is missing from the PC version of the product description. Here we only talk about basic gameplay improvements:
Will there be a reduced version for the PC? So far, EA has not officially confirmed that the PC version of FIFA 22 should provide fewer features than the next-generation version. The description may also be wrong. However, it is not uncommon for the PC version of FIFA to be overlooked. In the past few years, this has happened several times.

What did EA say?
We ask EA to make a statement. More information will be provided later. We will continue to pay attention, and we will update the PC version of FIFA 22 for you in time. What platform do you play FIFA on? Tell us in the comments!

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