FIFA 21 Summer Stars Team 2 brings compelling cards to Neymar and Lukaku

The FUTball festival continues to be held in FIFA 21, and the star Summer card brings new and compelling FUT players to today. You can find out the strength of the new card here.

This is the FUTball festival: Summer FUT matches have been active for a few weeks, and now they have brought another strong Summer Stars team. This replaced the first team and provided FIFA 21 with compelling cards with extremely high ratings.

These are not dynamic. Like their predecessor cards, it can become more and more powerful but provide highly high scores, with the lowest score of 93.

This is what the Summer Star Team 2 looks like
These are the best cards in Team 2: The latest Sommer-Stars-Team once again has powerful cards. However, the strongest is Neymar, with a score of 99. He was followed by the super upgraded summer stars from Lukaku (98), Kane (98), Jordi Alba (97), Chiellini (96), Gomez (96), and Sterling Card (96)).
LF: Neymar (99)
ST: Lukaku (98)
ST: Kane (98)
LV: Jordi Alba (97)
IV: Chiellini (96)
ZOM: Gomez (96)
LF: Sterling (96)
RF: Chiesa (95)
ST: Cavani (95)
RF: Ferran Torres (94)
ST: Yarmolenko (94)
TW: Sommer (94)
LV: Maehle (94)
ST: Lapadula (93)

In the Bundesliga, only Summer (94) is among the new teams.

How to get a new card: If you are lucky, you can find the Summer Stars two-team card in the FIFA package or buy it on the FUT transfer market. However, the prices there are pretty high, especially when you think of extreme ratings.

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