Football stars who did not get any new cards in FIFA 22

At some point, it’s time to hang up your football boots. We show you well-known football players who are about to end their careers this year and are no longer part of FIFA 22.

Football players end their careers every year and can look back on the years of success. FIFA 21 is also slowly coming to an end, and we are looking for players who may not be seen again in the new FIFA section.

Lars and Sven Bender
This is Lars Bender: Lars Bender played for Leverkusen in the Bundesliga for 12 years and played 256 games during that time. Unfortunately, the former national team player lacks a considerable title in his collection.

This is Sven Bender: Before he came to Leverkusen like his brother, Sven Bender played for Dortmund for a long time and was important for the championship team in 2011 and 2012. He also participated in the Cup final with the Dortmund team, won the DFB-won trophy. Component.

Now, the Bender twins are ending their careers at Bayer Leverkusen and will disappear in the next branch of FIFA. As a farewell, they once again received a compelling card in FIFA 21.

Sami Khedira

This is Sami Khedira: The 2014 world champion played at Hertha BSC Berlin for half a year and finally ended his career this summer. The midfielder has played for Stuttgart, Real Madrid, and Juventus Turin during his career and holds multiple titles.

Wayne Rooney

This is Wayne Rooney: This British legend played for Manchester United for 13 years and finally ended up in the Second England Division of Derbyshire through the Major League Soccer (USA). He served as a player and coached their last season, and played football by himself. The former top striker has finally given up on professional football. What a pity, because unfortunately, cards like the 93 special card in FUT 21 will no longer exist.

Lucas Pischke

I’m Lukasz Piszczek: This Polish right-back has played for Dortmund for 11 years, has won multiple titles during this time, and has become a legend in the club. In 2021, Pišček won the German Football Association Cup, said goodbye to professional football, and moved to LKS Goczałkowice-Zdrój, where he now plays amateur football.

Lukasz Piszczek also has a compelling card in FUT 21.

In the long run, it is certainly possible that some of these players will return to FIFA again-namely as icon cards. In FIFA 22, some candidates can get icon cards.

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