FIFA 22 Release, Price, Leaks-all previous information and evaluation

The wait for the release of FIFA 22 has already begun, as the FIFA 21 season is slowly approaching its end. Here, we summarize all news, information, and public issues related to FIFA 22 versions, demos, and content. In this article, you will find all information, leaks, and assessments about FIFA 22. When will FIFA 22 be released, what information is known, and what is waiting for us in the new games? Once you learn more about FIFA 22, this article will continue to be updated.

When will FIFA 22 be released?
Traditionally, new branches of the FIFA series appear every fall. For example, FIFA 21 was officially released on October 9, 2020, although it was released a bit later than usual. The predecessors appeared like this:
FIFA 20 September 24, 2019
FIFA 19 September 28, 2018
FIFA 18 September 29, 2017
This is our assessment: The exact release time of FIFA 22 has not yet been determined. However, like its predecessors, the new branch is likely to be released in late September and early October.

Are there any leaks now?
Information in the form of leaks is usually exposed before FIFA games are released. As far as FIFA 22 is concerned, this is already the case: a leak in June showed the first picture of the new menu and the first details of the gameplay, which should come from the FIFA 22 beta. Detailed information about this FIFA 22 leak can be found here.
In addition, there should be new control elements when changing players. In addition, the qualifications for the weekend league are said to have changed.

It is essential to treat such leaks with caution, as they are not official information about FIFA 22. Therefore, the finished game may look very different.

Possible platforms-PS4, PS5, FIFA 22 | S on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC
On which platforms will FIFA 22 appear?
It can be assumed that FIFA 22, like the previous branch, will appear again on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition, PS5 and Xbox Series X version|S number. They later appeared in FIFA 21 with some technical improvements.
The appearance of the switch version is currently open. However, it is expected that Nintendo consoles will once again get a streamlined version, just like in recent years.

FIFA 22 price-what is the price of the game?
The FIFA series of awards has been relatively consistent over the past few years. The recommended retail prices for the PC version and console version of the standard version of FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 are both US$59.99 and US$69.99. The champion edition is $20 more each, and the ultimate edition is $30 more.
This is our assessment: Based on the past few years, it can be assumed that FIFA 22 will continue to use its predecessor and will also appear in the standard version of $59.99 and $69.99, respectively. The special edition has also been established in FIFA 21, so you can expect this too.
Since the next-generation version of FIFA 21 is sold for free and can be provided to owners of the old version for free, it is conceivable that FIFA 22 will remain in this state.

Is there a demo version of FIFA 22?
In FIFA 21, EA Sports broke the familiar pattern and did not release its demo. At that time, the decisions of some players were not smooth. Whether the FIFA 22 demo will appear again is still open.

Can I still play earlier?
In FIFA 21, there are several ways to play the game earlier. FIFA games usually appear in different versions, including early access.
For example, EA Play members can try the game version limited to 10 hours as early as October 1, 2020. Members of the EA Play Pro service will even fully access it first from October 1.
There are also the ultimate and championship editions of FIFA 21, starting on October 6. Various versions have been in the FIFA series for several years and should also return in FIFA 22. Therefore, FIFA 22 has a similar model.

What innovations can FIFA 22 bring?
So far, what innovations FIFA 22 will be equipped with is still completely open. To be sure, most modes in FIFA 22 will reappear, such as Ultimate Team or career mode.
Through FUT, FIFA 21 brings more customization options to stadiums and their clubs. FIFA 22 is likely to go further here. There is also a new cooperation option in FUT and Volta modes.
Career mode has also been overhauled, introducing dynamic talents and other elements. There are also new game elements, such as dribbling.
In these areas, FIFA 22 should provide innovation. At least the FIFA branch will provide at least slightly changed mode content or game mechanics every year.
This is a detailed list of the new features we hope to see in FIFA 22.

When will FIFA 22 news come out?
Then you can count on new information about FIFA 22: Last year was the EA event “EA Play Live” in June 2020, which showed the first trailer and content of FIFA 21.

The event will be held again in 2021, but it will not be until July 22, one month later. So at the latest, at this point, the first official information about FIFA 22 should be available.

FIFA 22 icons-what legends might there be?
This is the icons’ role: The icons in FIFA 22 are some of the best players you can get in Ultimate Team. Not only do they have strong values, but they also bring advantages in team building-that is, they can establish a chemical reaction with all the players in the team.

FIFA has a new icon every year. For example, last year joined Beckham, Cantona, and Philipplum. There should also be new icons in FIFA 22.

The following is a list of legends that can be returned as icons in FIFA 22.

When will the score come?
The scoring problem should also appear before FIFA 22 is released. After all, it is always exciting to see the value that the players of your favorite club get in the game. Therefore, the upcoming EM should play a role again in the assessment.

Usually, the rating will appear within a few weeks before the FIFA section is released. Here you can find a list of Bundesliga players who need to get better in FIFA 22.

In the coming weeks and months, FUTFINE will pay close attention to the latest information on FIFA 22. As more information becomes available, this article will be updated.

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