Five players who desperately need new faces in FIFA 22

Many players look very similar to their natural role models in FIFA 21. However, some stars get less love from EA. We show you football players who should receive FIFA 22 new game faces immediately. The big-name football stars who don’t look good in FIFA 21 are an exception, but they do exist. These unfortunate players are usually given a generic 0815 face, which looks completely different from real athletes.

We introduce you to 5 football stars who ultimately need real faces in FIFA 22.

Robin Gosens

This is Robin Gosenz: Robin Gosenz played for the Italian club Atlanta Bergamo, especially in the UEFA Champions League and European Championships. The strong defender has received a strong 85 card in FUT 21, but the Gosens in the game do not look like the player on the card.

Giovanni Reina

This is Giovanni Reina: Although the young talent from Dortmund has been given a strong 91 card, the midfielder still lacks a natural face in FIFA 21. We hope this will eventually be resolved in FIFA 22, and Reyna will ultimately get a facial scan.

Martin Odego

This is Martin Odgart: We had an eternal talent for facial scanning as early as last year. Martin Odgart likes to be at FUTFINE. But our wish has not yet been realized. The Norwegian keeps receiving unique cards, but he doesn’t have his true face in FIFA 21.

This is Lenier: The young Dortmund striker received attractive cards at FUT this year, which can be found in many Bundesliga teams. But after scoring a goal with a powerful forward card, you often have to ask yourself who celebrated his great destination on the court because the player is not like Rainier.

This is Arthur: Although the real Arthur has some similarities with his FIFA opponents, this is not an elaborate facial scan by EA. Instead, this influential midfielder (84 years old) has been walking around with a standard face shape for many years and is in desperate need of an entire overhaul-the civil war.

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