PES 2022 launches an attack on FIFA 22 licensing

The football series FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have traditionally almost competed with each other. As FIFA 22 slowly approaches, the question arises: What are the plans for PES this year? This is the case of PES: the previous version of Pro Evolution Soccer was a particular case. There is no real new game, only a version called Efootball PES 2021 Update. The gameplay is the same as the previous version, mainly because some data has been updated. Then the game was launched at a discounted price. However, the announcement as early as the summer of 2020 is related to previewing the next-generation games in the series. Showcasing a trailer with Messi titled Elevating PES to a New Level and a reference to Unreal Engine, which is impressive graphically. It was also announced that the first testing of the next-generation game would begin in mid-2021, and it was planned to be released later this year. So what about Pro Evolution Soccer now?

PES is processing the license
This is why licensing is essential: in a duel with PES, one of the most significant advantages of the FIFA series is traditional licensing. Generally, if you want to play against your favorite team, you must choose FIFA instead of PES.
Even today, FIFA is still a leader in licensing, but PES is working hard. In 2019, Konami obtained exclusive rights to the Italian club Juventus Turin, including the club where Cristiano Ronaldo belongs. Ronaldo can still play in FIFA 21, but in the fantasy version of the club, the club is called Piemonte Calcio and has neither the original badge nor the jersey.
PES continued to advance in the Italian league and gained club rights from Rome and Atlanta Bergamo. The partnership with Atlanta will take effect from next season-already in development for possible PES 2022. Konami has also established a collaboration with SSC Napoli, which will take effect in 2023. With this, PES has won some of the most important clubs in Italy.
The PES series has also established partnerships with Bayern Munich, Manchester United, and Barcelona. The official license for UEFA Euro 2020 (the European Championship currently held in 2021) is also owned by Pro Evolution Soccer. At the same time, there is no European Championship mode in FIFA 21, although it is very suitable.
Overall, as mentioned earlier, FIFA still has an advantage in licensing. However, if PES can obtain additional licenses on the scale of Juventus Turin, it may be interesting-especially if the announced Next Generation PES can be convincing. Here, the testing phase has begun.

Konami launches public beta and announces an announcement
What’s happening now: Konami unexpectedly launched a public beta, which runs between June 24 and July 8, 2021. It is not called Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 Beta but referred to as New Football Game Online Performance Test.
You can choose Bayern, Manchester United, Juventus, Turin, or Barcelona and compete online with others in the beta version. The beta version is not intended to demonstrate but to evaluate the server’s connection quality and stability and match. Konami recommends that all game elements and graphics are preliminary, and all details are subject to change and improvement.
However, it’s interesting that both the game and the description announce verbatim: on July 21, new information about the upcoming Konami football match will be coming soon. At the latest, this time, someone may take a closer look at the new generation of Pro Evolution Soccer. By the way, just one day later, on July 22, EA Play will be held-FIFA 21 was held here last year.

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