Fans choose the ideal ranking of the new league in FIFA 22

The top 10 is the favorite of Ukraine’s first league (10% of all votes). The second and third places are the first in the Greek society (7%) and the first in the Hungarian company (4%). (As of June 10, 2021)

Here are the top 10 surveyed so far:

First place-Ukrainian League-Premier-Liha (10%, 51,819 votes)
Second place-Greek League-Super League Ellada (7%, 35,544 votes)
Third place-Hungarian League-Nemzeti Bajnokság (4%, 23,793 votes)
4th-2nd Turkish League-TFF 1st Lig (3%, 17,962 votes)
5th Place-Algeria League-Championnat National de Première Division (3%, 16,224 votes)
6th place-United Arab Emirates-UAE Arab Gulf League (3%, 15,013 votes)
7th-Portuguese League 2nd-La Liga (3%, 14,042 votes)
8th place-Indonesia League-Go-Jek Liga 1 (2%, 13,074 votes)
9th place-1st League Honduras-Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional de Honduras (2%, 12,594 votes)
10th place-Bulgarian League-The first professional football league (2%, 12,357 votes)
How did this result come about? Due to the massive influence of FIFA matches on a global scale, many fans certainly want to see their domestic leagues in a football simulation and vote accordingly.

How realistic are these FIFA 22 leagues? The new league regularly enters the FIFA section. For example, in FIFA 20, the first Romanian league was added. By the way, this is far ahead in the fan vote. Therefore, if there is enough interest in certain leagues, EA will likely authorize one or more of them for FIFA 22.

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