What content does the FIFA 21 FUTball event Bring?

The large-scale TOTS event in FIFA 21 has not even ended usually. EA has announced the subsequent promotion of Ultimate Team through the FUTball Festival. What is the FUTball Festival? With the help of the FUTball Festival, EA will bring back the promo that appeared in FIFA 18 last time. The event brought special cards and SBCs to celebrate the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

This event is likely to provide themed special cards and SBC for the upcoming European Championships.

When does the activity start?

The 21 cards from Ultimate TOTS are still available in FUT. However, once these disappear from the game at 7 pm on Friday, June 11, the new FUTball Festival event will begin. EA Sports was announced on the loading screen of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

What do we expect from the FUTball Festival?

In addition to the announcement of the new loading screen, the official has no information about the content of the new FUT promo. However, we can position ourselves in the previous few years and speculate about what this year’s event might bring.

This content may exist: The last FUTball festival of FIFA 18 brought many new special cards. Including the World Cup notification, it remembers the week’s best team and provides new FUTball holiday special cards for the best players in the game every week.

We can also see a concept in this year’s FUTball festival.

Other special cards can be unlocked using the National SBC (Squad Building Challenge). Here it is necessary to surrender the entire country to get a powerful FUTball festival ticket.

The Classic International Hero is also exciting. These cards are dedicated to those players who performed well in the national team but did not participate.

In any case, we are delighted to see what the content of this year’s FUTball Festival will look like. As long as there is new information, you will learn from us.

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