Which FIFA 21 players need to be better in FIFA 22?

Every year, FIFA ratings play an essential role for fans. Which players have improved? Which ones are getting weaker? Who is suitable for your ultimate clan or clan star in career mode? They always cause extensive discussions. The rating is based on the players’ skills in real football. Today we take a look at some of the Bundesliga players that attracted attention last season-they should get better ratings in FIFA 22.

Andre Silva
This is why Andre Silva must get better: the man from Frankfurt impressed with a robust pace last season. With 28 goals and eight assists in 32 games, he has a clear language and helped Frankfurt climb the ranks of Europe. Due to the strong performance, transfer rumors have revolved around Silva. But no matter where Silva will play: it is sure that he will get a significantly higher score than the 79 points in FIFA 21.

Silas Vamanjituka
This is why Vaman Gituka must get better: the lightning striker from Stuttgart has performed very well this season, scoring 16 points in 25 games. However, this season ended painfully for him due to a severe injury-otherwise the number might be more substantial.
The 5-star skill is also prevalent in FIFA 21’s silver mode, but it also left a deep impression on the powerful TOTS card. His ordinary silver card is feeble, only 70 points. FIFA 22 is worth upgrading.

This is why Angelino must get better: The Spaniard playing for RB Leipzig can be seen almost everywhere on the left side of the court. He is both defensive and offensive, preventing goals while at the same time causing danger in the frontcourt.
However, in FIFA 21, its raw score is only 80, which has been below its value for a long time. Upgrades should be waiting for here-as in the case of some other Leipzig players, and they finally ensured that the club would be runner-up after Bayern. As a member of the Bundesliga TOTS, Angelino should have an excellent card to upgrade.

Walter Weghorst
This is why Weghorst has to get better: Wolfsburg is also a player, and you can make the stats speak for themselves. In 34 Bundesliga games, 20 goals and nine assists are a substantial ratio, which played an essential role in the performance of VfL. In the end, Wolfsburg ranked fourth in the standings. In FIFA 21, Weghorst has an 81 card, whose speed is her biggest weakness. So Weghorst is relatively harmless in the game. FIFA 22 should be improved here.

Marvin Friedrich
This is why Friedrich must get better: the Berlin League surprised everyone this season and has performed well in the standings. In the end, the Berliner ranked 7th-also thanks to the strong performance of Marvin Friedrich. The defender created an insurmountable defense and now has the highest market value in the league and is also the top player in the club’s kicker rankings. However, in FIFA 21, he only has a 74er card-the next branch upgrade should be done here.

Andrei Kramaric
This is why Kramarić must get better: the two Inform cards and the FUT Player of the Month award have shown that Kramarić has had a good season. No wonder: 28 games, 20 goals, six assists-these numbers are also evident in Hoffenheim. His gold card in FIFA 22 should be significantly better than his current 82 cards.

Whether all these players will remain in the Bundesliga next season is, of course, open-after all, there is a transfer window in addition to EM in the summer. At the same time, the FIFA 21 season team competition is still in progress, but it is slowly coming to an end.

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