FIFA 21 Ultimate TOTS will be the best card and the way to get a TOTS card

Ultimate TOTS (the best team of the season) has started in FIFA 21. The best cards in the TOTS event will come into play again, and we will show you what this team looks like.

When do the ultimate TOTS start? Since June 4th, the powerful card of Ultimate TOTS has been available in FIFA 21 Ultimate at 7:00 pm and will continue in the package for a week.

What are the ultimate TOTS? The leading team of the season marks the end of FIFA 21’s large-scale TOTS event. It combines the best TOTS cards of the past few weeks to form a new ultimate team for a week. Top TOTS includes cards from the Bundesliga, Premier League, and other TOTS leagues.

This is what the ultimate TOTS look like

These are the best cards: it is not easy to mention the personal highlights in Ultimate TOTS because the team contains the most potent cards that FIFA 21 must provide. These include Messi (98), Ronaldo (98), Lewandowski (98), and Mbappe (97), and other absolute hits. But even the allegedly weaker hands of Bamba (92) and Cancelo (91) have excellent statistics, which are convincing.

ST: Messi (98)
ST: C. Ronaldo (98)
ST: Lewandowski (98)
ST: Mbappé (97)
ST: Lukaku (96)
TW: Oblak (96)
ZM: De Bruyne (96)
RF: Salah (96)
ST: Kane (96)
ZDM: Kimmich (96)
ZOM: Bruno Fernandes (96)
IV: De Vrij (92)
LM: Bamba (92)
LV: Hernandez (92)
RV: Joao Cancelo (91)

This is how you get a TOTS card.
You have the following options:
To get a TOTS card, there are multiple options:
You can win at least 11 wins in the weekend league to get the TOTS player pick. If you win more victories, there are additional player options.
You can buy TOTS cards in the transfer market, although the prices here are relatively high.
You can complete TOTS-SBC (Team Building Challenge) and hope to get a good income.

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